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bottle umbrella

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Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only

Package Content:- 1 Wine Bottle Umbrella. LIGHT, COMPACT, AND EASY TO CARRY. This umbrella opens to a 42" arc (36" diameter) and folds down to a small 12.5" length, so it's easy to take along with you when shopping, going to work, walking your dog, attending sporting events or for travel! Fits easily in your bag.

OPEN WITH A STYLISH BUTTON - Umbrella with opening system at the touch of a button. Button open/close function allows for easy operation. Measures just 12.5" long. It will not soak through or leak, even in torrential downpours; grip keeps the handle secure and slip-free in your hand.

Nice Color and Sturdy Umbrella: Color is an eternal presence in our lives, it can influence our mood and make us feel certain ways. You will be really happy with the excellent quality of this adult umbrella. The fabric touched very comfortable, which is thicker than similar canopy, as well higher waterproof.

Long Enough Handle: This umbrella is with the handle which is long enough, which design will make you feel very comfortable to grip, you will not say why the handle is so short.

Who says you can't have a really beautiful travel umbrella. Compact travel umbrella is available in multiple different colors and patterns to match your style. Umbrella is the best idea as gifts. The elegant travel umbrella will be the best gift! The umbrella can't bring you wealth, but it can protect you and her.

The travel umbrella protects you in a heavy downpour with premium quality canopy which is made from high density durable 210PG withstand torrential rain. It can stand the heavy duty 60+ mph severe storm rated.